Yummy Healthly Smoothie – get your veggies in!

1 cup organic frozen strawberries

½ cup organic frozen blueberries

½ cup coconut mile unsweetened (add more if not using cranberry juice)

¼ cup cranberry juice organic unsweetened (optional)

1 scoop RAW protein

¼ inch organic raw ginger

2 dashes organic cinnamon ½ packet stevia (or to taste)

1 or 2 cups organic raw spinach

You can substitute this with different fruits – but delicious! Add spinach and coconut milk + cranberry juice + ginger to cusinart or blender. Blend very well. Spinach should be in very little pieces before adding additional items. Add strawberries (I usually put in microwave for about 20 seconds as they are hard to blend totally frozen), add all other additional items. Blend well. And add more liquid (water, cranberry juice or coconut milk) as needed. For me this usually comes out in 1.5 servings or 2 servings. And either I share it with Sophia or freeze the other half for the next day. Enjoy!

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