Migraines and Weather

So I have been doing so great – this is my best year so far in the Ménière’s disease and Migraine world for me (year 3). But what has alluded me so far has been total good health. No matter what I do, I seem to be sick at least once a month. AND my worst months seem to be when the seasons are changing drastically so in October/November, and March/April. So I am going to be doing my own research. That research will be on weather and my migraines. I KNOW they are related. Here is a quick article I found that seems to think MAYBE there is a correlation, click here.

Day 1 research: Started getting sick yesterday – and guess what? BIG storm last night and storms all day….hmmmm…..sounds like it is related! So will keep track and go from here. Pressure at 30.18

Wind Chill: 72° Ceiling: 3200
Heat Index: 72° Visibility: 4mi
Dew Point: 66° Wind: 12mph
Humidity: 83% Direction: 70° (ENE)
Pressure: 30.18″ Gusts: 17mph


Training my for my Tri has been awesome -except for a few days/weeks in there where I have been sick I have loved it! Click here to be directed to my webpage to get more updates. I have made my fund raising limit for TNT but still have about $450 for my personal goal to be reached….Garage Sale May 14th. Lets hope I make it!

Love and Light!

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