Team in Training – Lake Tahoe

I have been inspired! When one is sick – one can certainly recognize the plight of others who are sick in a different way than if you did not have an illness yourself. Although my 2 illness are not life threatening they debilitating none the less and I have been inspired by two people who have recently come down with a blood cancer.  It is  because of that inspiration I am going to join Team In Training to do a Century Bike Ride (100 miles, 1 day) in Lake Tahoe. I am nervous and scared but mostly concerned that I may not feel well enough frequently and will miss training days. But since this is my best season yet and I have felt better recently then I have in 2 ½ years (due to taking great care of myself!) I am going to give it a shot! In have been inspired! 

A quick note on the people who have inspired me:

A woman I knew in Atlanta years ago, I’ll call her Hope, (since I don’t have her permission to use her name), was diagnosed with lymphoma when she was pregnant (2009) with her first child. When I first heard this I closed my office door and cried. This girl, Hope, was certainly one of the most stunningly beautiful women I had ever known – literally beautiful, and a kind woman, full of life – she is YOUNG. Having had recently been pregnant when I heard this my heart ached for her and her new baby. I think she even had to have treatments while the baby was in the uterus. I prayed for her everyday and kept up with her through her website on She inspired me each day – amazingly – her attitude was positive. She had an attitude of gratitude and worked her rear end off to stay spiritually fit and close to other women.  This was evident through everything she said and thought on the bridge. The best part for me about her posting on was I could read and reread everything she wrote when I was feeling sick. I was strengthened  by how strong she was. She helped me so much and she doesn’t even know it.  Hope was blessed enough to have a Team In Training in her  and her baby’s name after her baby was born. It seemed to help her as well. This lovely woman is now in remission and pregnant again. I think of her frequently and pray for her often, she is an amazing women.

 The next person I will write about is my cousin Ernie. He recently passed away from Leukemia in December. He fought all the way too – until they told him it was useless to fight anymore.  Ernie was an amazing father who had two great adult children and two beautiful granddaughters. He was happily married and an avid outdoorsman. He was kind and funny and had a beautiful love for God which helped inspire his girls. It is such a shame to have lost him. But he leaves behind a legacy of love and hope. My sister did a Team In Training Olympic Triathlon in his name in September.  I hope he felt the love from that work. A very important thing I learned when Ernie was sick was how easy it was and is to donate your bone marrow. No longer are the days when you just have to use the bone marrow out of your hip in a semi painful procedure to donate. There are other options! You can now take a certain drug to build up your marrow for one week and then donate your blood. It is JUST THAT EASY to help save a life! Contact Be the Match by clicking here to get your kit for donation today. All you have to do is swab your check four times. If you are a match to someone the National Marrow Organization will contact you for further testing. If you are  a positive match you go through the process and then possibly SAVE A LIFE. Totally worth time. I do wish my cousin didn’t have to die for me to learn this but I am glad to at least know it now.

 It is because of these people above that I have had the inspiration to attempt this Century Ride and why I am going to  raise $4,000 for blood cancer research and patient services. Now I just need a rode bike and some padded bike shorts! Here I go……………..

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